Perfect Eyewear To Look Awesome

Perfect Eyewear To Look Awesome

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How to choose glasses that are perfect for your face type?

Glasses are not only the main summer accessory, they also protect our eyes from harmful radiation, reduce fatigue and complement your stylish look. In case, of course, you pick them right.


Take a marker, lipstick, soap, or pencil. Stand in front of the mirror and draw the contour of  your face, starting from the chin and ending with the hairline. Take a step back and look at the shape you got.

Round Face

Your task is to visually lengthen the face, so it is better to choose frames of dark colors. To balance the proportions of your face, choose a frame with a width greater than height.

Stay away from rimless and narrow frames, frames blocking your eyebrows and colored lenses.

Oval Face

The main task is not to ruin the harmonious proportions of the face, so avoid too massive glasses. It is better if the width of the frame is equal to the width of the face or slightly wider. Make sure the top of the frame aligns with the eyebrow line.

Stay away from frames with angles, too massive or narrow frames.

Square Face

Rectangular or square eyewear shape will overload the face. Rounded frames will help to visually balance and soften face proportions.

Stay away from narrow/tiny frames and frames with angles.

Rectangular Face

You need to visually expand the face, so choose large, massive glasses. Transparent glasses – with a thin frame to match the skin.

Stay away from small and colorful frames!

Triangle Face

The main task is to expand the upper part of the face and distract attention from the bottom. Choose glasses with a wide top. The bottom of the glasses should not be square, sharp or with a clear line.

Stay away from boxy and narrow frames!



Not sure about the frames?

Nowadays buying choosing frames is just so easy!

For instance check Paireyewear!

They offer magnetic frames, so you can change color and turn the frames into prescription sunglasses. Great for kids, too!

Another option is to order 5 frames, try and choose one!

How great is that? You can do this with Warby Parker.

They also offer a quiz to determine your perfect eyeframe shape! Take advantage of it!


Do you want an even more useful purchase?

Have you thought about buying screen glasses? We spend so much time in digital devices and our eyes definetely experience a lot of pressure. If you have such symproms as dry eyes, fatigue and headaches, you might be one of those who needs a pair of such glasses! You can check out more info at Barner and also order a pair. Free international shipping for orders over 70 Euro!

If you do not have a perfect vision, do not forget to buy contact lenses! Then you will feel comfortable wearing shades! You can shop here at Next Day Contacts for (very) fast and reliable service!


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