The benefits of meat: myths and reality

The benefits of meat: myths and reality

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To eat or not to eat?

While there will always be debate between vegetarians and meat eaters, the truth traditionally lies somewhere in the middle. This is also proved by the results of recent scientific research in this area.

The benefits of meat

Meat is the most valuable source of protein – the main “building material” in our body. Its deficiency can lead to liver dysfunction, hormonal disruptions, memory impairment, heart problems, beriberi, and weakened immunity. This is especially dangerous for children, pregnant and lactating women.

The main benefit of meat proteins is that they are complete. Simply put, they contain the entire set of essential amino acids. In addition, meat is considered the only source of “ready-made” vitamin B12, which is extremely important for the normal functioning of many organs and systems.

It is not so simple

The benefits of meat is a really controversial topic. It all depends on its quality and quantity in the diet. Most of the arguments about the benefits of meat for humans lose their validity if you approach the transition to a vegetarian diet deliberately.

So the first myth about the benefits of meat is destroyed. Yes, a juicy steak contains all the amino acids at once, and a conscious vegetarian has to carefully plan his diet and select food combinations. However, this does not mean that proteins can only be obtained from animal products.

Here are two of the most popular myths about meat.

#1: Eating Meat Causes High Cholesterol

If the majority of your diet is meat, it will indeed lead to an increase in cholesterol levels sooner or later. With a whole range of negative consequences, including blockage of blood vessels, cardiovascular diseases, etc.

BUT: this is only possible if you eat meat in excessive amounts.

It is believed that the optimal content of this product in the diet is 20-25% (up to 35% with high physical exertion). #2: The human body has a hard time digesting meat Animal products are actually digested and absorbed much longer than plant foods, even after heat treatment.

#2: The human body has a hard time digesting meat

Animal products are actually digested and absorbed much longer than plant foods, even after heat treatment.

BUT: our digestive system is designed in such a way that in the absence of pathologies, a long stay of meat in the intestines does not harm health in any way.

The benefits of different types of meat

Different types of meat differ from each other not only in taste. To properly plan your diet, you need to consider the nutrients that each type of meat contains.

Beef and veal

If the main benefit of meat for the body is getting protein, then beef is the TOP product in this regard. It is also considered a valuable source of trace elements and vitamins of different groups.


Pork contains a huge amount of B vitamins, as well as arachidonic acid and selenium – the main natural “antidepressants”. At the same time, pork is dangerous for allergy sufferers, and its excessive amount in the diet can lead to the development of cardiovascular diseases.


This product is considered dietary and safe for allergy sufferers. The benefits of rabbit meat are beyond doubt: the protein contained in it is digested by 96% – this is almost a record figure (for comparison, beef proteins are digested by only 60%).


The benefits of chicken meat are explained by its unique composition. Linoleic acid helps to strengthen the immune system, glutamine normalizes the functioning of the nervous system, and vitamin niacin supports heart function and normalizes cholesterol levels. However, it is almost impossible to find good chicken in stores – almost all meat is saturated with antibiotics.

Turkey meat

The benefits and harms of turkey meat are also an interesting topic. This low-calorie dietary product is easily digestible due to the low content of insoluble fats, is an excellent source of potassium, phosphorus and does not cause allergies. The main disadvantage is a large amount of sodium, which can overload the work of the kidneys.


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