Top 3 Lazy Vegan Snacks

Top 3 Lazy Vegan Snacks

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Do you often feel left out as we mostly post meaty delicious meal recipes?

Today is the day for vegan diet followers and we have some amazingly easy (yet super tasty) recipes!

Sometimes it is not easy to keep things interesting in terms of food! Today we will give you our top three favorite vegan snack ideas. And you can cook all of them in no time!

Microwave Potato Chips

A very easy recipe to follow and a yummy result!

You will need potatoes and salt! Try to use potatoes of different colors, this way they will look more fun in your big snack bowl. Get them from your nearest supermarket or order with Walmart.

Next thing: slice the potatoes. Make sure the slices are quite thin. Place the potatoes on parchment paper and place in the microwave oven (make sure to get parchment and slicer beforehand at Tesco or any other shop). The potatoes should be evenly distributed throughout the paper (one layer of slices). You might need to repeat the process several times to fill in your bowl. But do not worry the process is very fast!

You will need only 2-3 minutes to make the slices baked and crunchy! Experiment! The timing depends on your microwave oven and its settings.

Take our the slices, snrinkle with salt and there you go!


Vegan Tortilla Pinwheels

Another quick recipe that will get you creative! Take any vegan-friendly paste (it can be hummus or guacamole sauce), veggies (we suggest spinach, olives, tomatoes and cucumbers) and tortilla.

Now start improvising! Good idea to make a special sauce or order an organic high quality sauce here. (They deliver in the US)

Take tortilla, spread the paste on it (by the way, you can make hummus or guacamole by yourself), place veggies to taste (do not forget to slice/chop them) and roll the tortilla as you would roll a yoga mat!

Cut into smaller pieces! Put into a container and you are ready to go!

Peanut Butter Apple Chips

And now for a dessert you can make chips in the same way as you did with potatoes (recipe #1)!

Take apples, slice them, place on a paper and bake in the microwave until crisp!

To make the chips even more delicious add some peanut butter (you can dip the chips right into the jar or put some butter on your plate). If you are not afraid of carbohydrates – add some jelly to it!


For those of you, who are lazy (or too hard-working) to cook by themselves, here are two websited where you can order ready-to-eat vegan (and non-vegan) meal plans:

  • VeginOut – delivers nationwide in the US!
  • PlanetOrganic offers snacks and products for Keto, vegan, raw and other diets (UK and Europe)!
  • WeightWatchers suggest a wide range of kitchen utensils and vegan and healthy snacks (US delivery).

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