Walking: benefits and tips

Walking: benefits and tips

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Walking is quite underrated.

And we are here to change it!

Usually, people would look down upon you if you say walking is a part of your daily sport routine. Most people consider runing a ‘better’ physical activity as it is more instense. Running indeed is more effective, it recruits more muscles and is more physically demanding. Although, walking can be as effective as running in case you want it to be and slightly change your walking routine.

So, what are the benefits of walking?

Physical Advantages

There are quite many of them.

First of all, walking creates much less stress on muscles and joints compared to running, and for some people this might be a crucial factor.

Secondly, it improves blood circulation, cardiac health and fitness.

Moreover, regular walking prevents weight gain and reduces bofy fat as you lose energy and at the same time want to eat less. Last but not least the studies have shown that regular walking also reduce the risk of stroke in women and men. The researchers have found (the studies lasted for 6 years) that vigorous-intensity running and  moderate-intensity walking resulted in almost the same reductions in risk for high cholesterol, high blood pressure, heart disease and diabetes.

Mental Advantages

Adding walking to your daily routine will cause almost immediate mental change.

It improves mood and alleviates depression and fatigue. This trait is very useful now as many people suffer from COVID-19 mental health consequences and depressive states. Even if you feel down and unable to do anything, try to walk a bit everyday. Little by little you will be able to keep walking a bit longer (and we really speak about adequate amount of time like 30 minutes).

Furthermore, they say walking increases creative output by about 60 percent. So, if you lack ideas, go for a long walk! And get creative! 🙂

The recent studies have also shown that just 12 minute walking significanly improves your self-confidence, memory and attentiveness. Walking in nature reduces negative thinking, risks of depression and anxiety.

Useful Tips

Practice walking every where. If you are too depressed to go out, start walking at home. Maybe you already own a treadmill you’ve almost never used. Start walking! Otherwise start walking from wall to wall.

Walk outside. If you can do this. Walking outside is a better form of meditation. Breathe some fresh air, watch people, animals, nature – anything! Relax!

Raise your heartbit from time to time. It is a good idea to vary your rhythm. Start slowly, then speed up a bit, go slowlier again.

Walk the hills. Or use the incline feature of your treadmill. This adds to intensity of your workout, you will burn more calories and fat.

Take a heavy backpack or add weights. This takes it to a totally different level. Whenever you are ready for more efficient and instense workout, improvise! And then who knows maybe your walking routine will turn into a ‘better’ one.

Don’t forget to feel comfortable. Wearing the right clothes when training outside or at home is essential.

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