Which sport suits you?

Which sport suits you?

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Summer is here, time to get active and start a new hobby!

Have you considered changing your lifestyle to a healthier and more active way of living? You may decide to do some sports and to choose which one is better for you, think of several aspects:

Individual vs Team

The first group is when one person competes against another. Individually. These types of sports are wrestling, tennis and boxing, for example. Such sports as football or basketball require a number of players competing against another group of players. Do you like the teamwork spirit or you prefer to be in charge of everything?

Outdoors vs Indoors

If you choose to play Amercan football, surfing or skiing you may suffer from external factors like bad (or inappropriate) weather.

Non-contact vs Contact

Some sports do involve physical contact, for instance, soccer, basketball, hockey, boxing etc. do. These sports usually may cause more injuries than non-contact ones.

Health Benefits:

Here is a video explaining some health benefits you can obtain doing sport on a regular basis.

Even though sport might be dangerous, it also makes you stronger and healthier.

And here is the article from TIME saying that the most beneficial activities are:

  • Running – 2-3 times per week at moderate pace
  • Swimming
  • Walking
  • Yoga

One thing is absolutely necessary though:

You have to enjoy the process.

So, it is really up to you what sport to choose.

After considering all the above, do you still have questions left? Still don’t know which sport to try?

Here is a quick 60-second test:

Which sport are you made for? Take our 60-second test

Here is our result (slow, lazy and lone wolves):

What is yours?

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