5 Beauty Trends 2020

5 Beauty Trends 2020

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Most of the 2010s we spent trying to look “effortless” , but seems like in the 2020s fashion and makeup is finally fun again. The beauty trends for 2020 are playful, experimental, and fresh, borrowing heavily from retro inspirations to create a look that feels entirely new.

Emphasis On The Eyes

Beauty trends for 2020 are all about the eyes. Change your usual neutral smoky eye to experimental makeup with much color and variety of texture.

Neon Liner

Eyes again? Yes! Swap your basic black liner with a neon one. Keep the rest of your face minimal and wear an equally bright outfit in a matching shade.


Glass Skin

It is all about the glow this year! Use extensive skincare to create a complexion that looks like it was sculpted from glass. To achieve the look (sounds crazy difficult, right?) you can simply apply an illuminating primer under foundation and finish with a creamy, natural highlight.

Glitter, Glitter!

More glow! You can’t go wrong with a bit of sparkle! Glitter, bold chunks, shimmery shadow ~ everything goes!

Diffused Blush

High, layered, and diffused into the eyes ~ the blush trend of 2020. It became popular in the ’80s, and the technique, known as “draping,” contours the face using different shades of blush.

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