Art Challenge 4: Smaugust

Art Challenge 4: Smaugust

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Art Challenge 10
Week 4: Smaugust

Smaugust is a drawing challenge, that takes place in August (and usually it takes the whole months). We are about to paint, draw, design…etc. a Dragon artwork during this week only.
The name Smaugust is a combination of two words – Smaug and August. Smaug is the name of a dragon, main antagonist from Lord of The Ring.
This challenge was started by artist Taran Fiddler. And if you like it, just continue drawing dragons for the next 30 days after our Dragon week is over 😁

Here is a quick guide on how to draw Toothless:

And another video if you would like to draw a traditional European dragon:

You are more than welcome to use our tag #artchallenge10_creme or #artchallenge10 to let us see you masterpiece. We will share your outstanding work here 😁❤️


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