Art Challenge: Week 8

Art Challenge: Week 8

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Art Challenge 10
Week #8
August 31 – September 7

Our next challenge: object.

Object was always important for artists. Why not drawing something right in front of you?

Make sure to have your pencils or watercolors ready (if you don’t have any, get all the stuff here in our favorite Blick Art Shop).

But in 16th century it became a whole new genre.
Here is an interesting article about

The Object in 20th Century Art

Here are a couple inspiring videos that you may consider using for your own artwork:

Making art with everyday objects

EVERYDAY objects turned into fun illustrations:

What kind of object will you choose? Do not forget to share yours! 😍

Please, share your artworks with us by tagging #artchallenge10_re or messaging! 😇
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