Choosing a Date for Your Wedding

Choosing a Date for Your Wedding

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February 14th was the best day to propose.

Have you used this chance?

Now what?

Maybe you did propose or you got asked this exciting question. Now, you and your better half are engaged. It is time to decide on a wedding date. And we are here to prompt you the better way to do so.

It is quite a serious decision as this day will follow you for the rest of your life. This day you will celebrate anniversary every year. So, start with defining advantages and disadvantages of the seasons and months.


Weather might be one of the key factors limiting your choices. For USA the most popular months to get married are June and October exactly because of the mild weather conditions.

There are of course many more factors to consider:

Themes and colors

Recently we heard of a couple celebrating their wedding in the Game of Thrones  style. It was winter and the wedding looked amazing. The bride was red haired and wedding fur coat (do not judge, it might have been artificial fur).

Or maybe you want your wedding to be of a fairy-tale Frozen style? Think about it. Winter can be beautiful and exotic. Moreover, it is always fun to have another thing to celebrate in winter (cause in summer you have many other things to do).

Your budget

Sometimes budget is the key factor. If you are not ready to splurge, choose a cheaper month. In the US they might be  January, March, April or November.

Cultural reasons

There are some months and dates that are considered unlucky or lucky. For example in China the luckiest number is 8, so the best month to get married is August (the name of this month sounds like “wealth” and “fortune”).

Many European cultures, including for instance Scottish and Roman tradition, consider May an unlucky month, especially May 3rd.

In Jewish tradition it is important not to have a wedding on Shabbat or any other holiday.  Tuesdays and the first fifteen days of a Jewish month are considered super auspicious. Fridays are not recommended.

The beauty of the date

Some people do not care so much about the cultural and folklore background, but they do care about how the date looks. If you are one of these people think about having a wedding on a palidrome date:


  • 12-1-21 – Wednesday, December 1
  • 12-11-21 – Saturday, December 11
  • 12-22-21 – Wednesday, December 22


  • 2-2-22 – Thursday, February 2
  • 2-20-22 – Sunday, February 20
  • 2-21-22 – Monday, February 21
  • 2-22-22- Tuesday, February 22
  • 2-23-22 – Wednesday, February 23
  • 2-24-22 – Thursday, February 24
  • 2-25-22 – Friday, February 25
  • 2-26-22 – Saturday, February 26
  • 2-27-22 – Sunday, February 27
  • 2-28-22 – Monday, February 28

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