COVID-19 Tech Trends 2021

COVID-19 Tech Trends 2021

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What are the predictions for 2021 regarding the pandemic?

Here we are to let you know!

Because of the COVID-19 we continue to suffer from all kind of disruptions in school, work,  social and love life. Here are some trends 2021 you may see at work:

Hybrid Work Model

Most organisations started to rebalance work and home situation for their employees. While being in the office becomes optional for many workers, home tends to be the main place of work.

 Complying with New Health Standards and Regulations

At the same time employers had to reconsider safety measures at work, take care of the hygeine and monitoring employee’s health and temperature. Many businesses may invest into advanced temperature monitoring devices, improve ventilation system and install contactless access solutions throughout their propriety.

Needless to say that every office will have to be equipped with sanitizers, soaps, masks and gloves. The market of sanitizers is developing as frequent usage of such products may be damaging your skin. Here is a Touchland sanitizing mist which can also hydrate your skin:

Contactless everything

In order to ensure safe environment at work, employer may need to rearrange the office structure. Contactless switches, contactless access control, increased distance between desks and people.

Tech tools and IT support Rise

Practically every organisation will need to expand their IT department and update their employees tech devices to provide opportunities for efficient and productive collaboration. Moreover, in Tech worl itslelf we expect the following:

  • Camera improvements – people communicate via video calls and coferences forming a “video culture” which drives the rapid development.
  • Improved audio and everything connected with it (real-time translate and note-capturing).
  • Ergonomic designs – to be able to work for longer hours at home.
  • Multi-cloud cloud management solutions are further developped driven by decline in printing and remote mode of work.

Gaming as a Social Tool

And what happens after work? Gaming will florish in 2021 as a way to entertain and stay connected. Cloud game is expected to take off this year due to increased access to conectivity and choices of platforms.

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