We are what we wear: colors

We are what we wear: colors

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Color matters?

Color and its effect on perception is such a huge topic that dozens of books, scientific papers and thousands of studies have been written on it. We will try to reflect only the most basic points of color perception.


Black, in addition to being mourning for many, is recognized as business and official in almost all developed countries. Of course, one cannot say that a black tracksuit instantly turns you into a businessman – we are talking about its use in the context of a business style.

The black color in clothes speaks of:

  • strength;
  • confidence in yourself, your strengths, plans;
  • aggressiveness – relevant for black and white combinations;
  • sometimes about loneliness, sadness.

As you can see, the characteristic of the color is ambiguous. Together with confidence, he can broadcast aggressiveness or cause pity. This is one of the reasons why black business suits have become less popular – not the right message. They were replaced by gray, dark blue, brown.


White, if it is not combined with black, speaks of security and reliability, disposes, forms the first inclinations of trust. It’s all about associations – white, as a symbol of purity, impeccability, openness, freedom.

White color in its pure form goes to units, so in the wardrobe use it in different shades according to the color type of appearance – milky, ivory, white-gray, white-beige and others.


In the context of different situations and the image in general, red can be associated with:

  • Energy and sexuality;
  • Aggression and anger;
  • Danger.

Red color is not recommended for those who work in a team – this causes rejection. It is permissible for company executives, directors and business women to use red, but preferably not in total bows, but as an accent.


Pink – soft, feminine, romantic, light. Perfectly combined with soft lines, streamlined silhouettes. Quite a positive, positive color, but plays “against” if you do not need romance and lightness.

Despite the variety of pink business suits, office dresses and skirts, they are not recommended for those who want to show their status and solidity.


Green color will play into your hands if it is important to inspire confidence, smooth out the emotional background in a conversation, and win over those around you. Interestingly, with an abundance of green, it may indicate laziness and inability to make decisions.

A great use of green is accents. A green blazer or handbag would be appropriate for a business meeting; for a romantic look, you can pick up shoes or a cardigan.


Blue is one of the best colors for business people, as it gives you a reasonable person. It is also suitable for creative girls – it will tell about serenity, originality.

But be careful – the wrong shade of blue can be too distant and “cold”, and this does not please people.


Yellow, contrary to popular belief, is not a herald of separation at all, but a bright and optimistic color. It will help if you want to form the opinion of an educated, clear-thinking, decision-making person about yourself.

But, as in the case of green, an excess of yellow is overwhelming, that is, it causes mixed, conflicting emotions, so total yellow is not the best option for a monochrome bow.


The frequent color of business suits in reality does not always help convey officialdom. Gray works as opposed to yellow – it evokes associations with gloomy weather, rain and slush, boredom. If you like gray in clothes, dilute it with bright accents.


Brown is a great color for any occasion. It carries the message of reliability, but does not “weight” the perception. Equally good for business, romantic, creative people. It does not contradict itself even in excess – total bows with its use can be made without fear.

These are all colors we wanted to discuss today. What do you think is the best color in clothes?

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